How do I setup an adviser fee within Compliance?

You may decide to charge your advisers a regular fee to cover the overheads that they use. This might cover such items as office space, staff or simply to pay for the use of stationery.

From the Main Menu click on the Compliance button on the left hand side. Select your adviser from the list and click on the Financial tab. Details of any Hourly  Charge, Hourly Cost, Commission split and Rate of network deductive will have been pre-populated from the staff list.

Click on the Fee set-up tab and + Add record. Enter a Description of the fee. Type in the Amount Due (excluding VAT) and if you are registered for VAT then enter the rate that should be applied in the VAT % box. The system will then calculate the VAT element and the total fee payable. Record the date the fee is to commence in the Payable from box together with the frequency of payment in the Frequency box. Finally, record that this is a current fee in the Current fee box: