Contacts - Recording contacts and Introducers

CCD is capable of recording your business contacts in the system for future reference.

Contacts may also be introducers of business and may receive a share of any commission and/or fees you charge your clients.

You are able to record the percentage split for commission payaway as a default share, this can also be changed on a case by case basis.

To create a new business contact start from the manager screen and click on Contacts on the left hand side:

Prior to creating your new contact it is a good idea to first establish that they have not already been created.

Once you are satisfied that the contact has not already been created, click on the Add record option on the top right of your screen. Confirm that you wish to add a new contact and proceed to enter the contact details as required:

You may record any notes relating to this introducer by selecting the Notes tab at the top of your screen. This would be all that is required for a business contact who is NOT an introducer. For example, this could be used for the electrician, plumber or local hotels for seminars.

Should you wish to identify your contact as an introducer then you simply need to place a x in the box marked This contact is an introducer of business.

Once this field has been selected, Activity and Data upload become available to record commission splits for Introducers.