Contract Enquiry

In order to use contract enquiry you must first ensure that you have signed up for this free service with the relevant product providers. You will also then need to configure your individual machines ready for use. 

Documentation on how to sign up and implement contract enquiry can be found on our website Select ‘Downloads’ at the top right of the screen and then select Quay Software on the left of the screen. 

Once signed up for contract enquiry there are a number of options available in order to get information from the contract enquiry providers. 

The first option is to connect to contract enquiry using the “CE” icon which you will find in your systems tray.

This option is designed to get individual valuation information one at a time on an ad-hoc basis. 

Once you have clicked on the icon the following screen will appear.

You will need to select the Provider, Product Type and Product Sub Type from the drop down menus and then type in the Contract reference number.  The contract reference number which is supplied by the provider must be entered in full. Then select how you want the valuation returned:


 - Selecting this will produce an on-screen valuation indicating the client’s contract details and fund information.

 - Selecting this will produce an entry back into CCD to update the client’s holding with the values returned.

Once you have completed all details click on the  link. 

The system will now connect to the provider’s server.

When the   link has been selected a confirmation message will pop up informing you that a message has been received into CCD.

Once this message is received then the contract enquiry window will confirm its status in the Providers response box.

If you have also ticked   then a valuation report similar to the one on the next page will appear.

If you have chosen to export the information from contract enquiry back into CCD then you will now need to go to the Updates > Received area of the system.  This can be done by manually navigating to, or using a quick link button on the ‘Details’ page of a Holding:

To process the download simply click onto the relevant message the system will populate the details back into CCD. 

If the message returned matches a holding record with no exceptions then the holding will be updated automatically.  The new information will not overwrite the existing data that has been manually entered on a fund.

For instance:

There will be some occasions where manual input is needed to ensure that all the funds match correctly and the manual information is not overwritten.

The main reasons why a Contract Enquiry may need some manual input are:

  • The Provider has sent fund information without a MexID or Sedol code and therefore cannot be matched to a fund in Financial Express.
  • The client has done a fund switch and the funds on the Contract Enquiry message are different to those on CCD.

There is a link in the Clients module, which means if an individual CE update is done, it is simple to move from Clients to Updates > Received:

If a Contract Enquiry message is received and needs some manual input these are the screens that will be used: