CE fund mapping

Funds Mapping – Not all Contract enquiry messages sent from providers have the SEDOL or MEXID attached to them. It is this code that allows reference back to the financial express price feed. Part of the information held in the Financial Express record is the sector information. To ensure that full sector reporting is available we have created a mapping process between the funds imported from the contract enquiry message and financial express. This mapping only has to be done once for each fund, once the mapping has been performed any subsequent time that the fund is bought in via contract enquiry the mapped information will be retained and mapping will not have to be done.

Archiving Funds – traditionally Contract Enquiry over wrote any information that was held in the asset area of a holding and replaced it with the information coming in on the contract enquiry. This meant that any manually entered data on the fund was lost, asset allocation, asset breakdown, notes etc. were lost. Contract Enquiry does not now over write information but where an exact match is made between the new fund and the existing fund the bid price, price date, number of units and units correct date are replaced with the new information, while all manually entered information is retained. Where an exact match cannot be made the new fund information is displayed and you are asked to manually match to existing information if relevant or to add the new fund information to the holding. Finally if there are existing funds that have not been matched you are asked if you want to retain this fund information or whether you would like to archive the information. This gives you a true audit trail of the holding and will allow you to report to your client on fund switches.

Historic Fund and Holding Information – It has always been possible to record a historic “snapshot” valuation of a holding. Now when a contract enquiry is run CCD now automatically saves to the historic tab at holding level and for each individual fund. This again gives you more detail on holding and fund performance for your client.

Original contribution – An additional field has been added to each fund record to allow you to record the original amount invested in each fund, this with the historic fund value information allows you to monitor not just the holding performance but the individual fund performance within the holding.