Contract Enquiry Guide (Version 4.3.2 and above including import function)

The following Contract Enquiry guide covers the below:

  • Contract Enquiry within CCD
  • Initial Setup
  • Agency Information
  • Unipass Digital Certificates
  • Contract Enquiry setup within CCD
  • Provider Registration
  • Provider Overview Table
  • Individual Provider Setup and Contact Information
  • Using Contract Enquiry
  • Requesting Individual Valuations Using Contract Enquiry Application
  • Importing Individual Contract Enquiry Information into the Back Office
  • Requesting individual valuations from within CCD
  • Scheduled and Batch Valuations
  • Bulk Downloads
  • Importing policy information via a spreadsheet template
  • FAQs
  • Appendices

Download the guide here - CCD Contract Enquiry Guide (v4.3.2 and above including import function)_0.pdf