I have added my new Unipass certificate and it's picking up the expired certificate - how do I delete this?

When you update your new Unipass certificate, you will need to delete the expired certificate before using Contract Enquiry.

You can access the Certificate manager in two different ways:

  • Internet Explorer> Internet Options> Content> Certificates
  • Start Menu> certmgr.msc

Internet Explorer

Navigate into Internet Explorer and click on the cog button at the top right:

Select 'Internet Options'

Once within Internet options, click into the 'Content' tab and select the 'Certificates' button.

Click on the expired certificate (Which you can find by looking in the 'Expiration Date' field) 

Select the 'Remove' button.

Now the expired certificate has been removed, you will need to make sure the the CE utility is picking up the new certificate.

Find the CE utility by either navigating to C:\Link\QuayCE or find the icon within your toolbar (CCD must be open first):

Once the CE utility has opened, click into the Settings> Provider Settings option within the toolbar:

Check that the certificate in the dropdown box is correct under each provider - make sure you 'Save' for each provider before moving onto the next.

Once done click 'Exit'.