Creating a manual campaign using the data table

The process for creating your own marketing campaign is similar to that of the wizards.  However, you are able to search for more detailed information.

The example below shows the screen to Search holding records.

This takes you into a spreadsheet style screen where you will see more fields available for selection.  

Now using the option and combining this with the search techniques as described previously in this guide you will be able to conduct searches for more specific information.

The “spreadsheet” displayed is too large to display in full on the screen and the scroll bars along the bottom and the side need to be used to view all the columns available. 

The example below will search for all bonds held on a single basis with a contribution greater than £2000.

A list of holdings has now been found which meet the search criteria.

Click onto the .

Continuing the campaign from this point onwards is exactly the same as previously described in this guide.