Creating a One Off Fee with an Invoice

To produce a one off fee with an invoice, click onto the ‘Create new client fee’ and click Yes to the pop up:

Once done, the following will appear:

In this example, the Apply VAT button has not been automatically checked – which means it has not been setup to do so (see section 8.1.1).   Complete the details on Billing set-up:

Once completed, move to the ‘Splits’ tab and check/complete who should be getting a split of this fee:

Once done, move onto the ‘Notes’ tab and complete the information:

Once done, an invoice can then be produced for this fee.  Click back on Billing and use the +Create invoice:

Once done the following pops up:

The following page appears:

Click the Preview button to view the invoice:

This can now be printed to PDF or printed on paper.  This invoice will now show in the Amounts due section of Admin > Remuneration.