Webline - Creating a personalised illustration

Personalised illustrations can only be created from a comparison quote.

You can either create the personalised illustration at the same time as obtaining the comparison quote. Alternatively, you can retrieve a comparison quote at a later date and then create the personalised illustration.

If you wish to create the personalised illustration at the same time as creating the comparison quote, it can be done directly from the comparison table:

term assurance comparison quote.jpg

Simply select Next to the right of the chosen quote from the comparison table.

As the comparison quote only requires basic client details, you will firstly be taken to a screen to enter the clients name:

client details for scq.jpg

Select Proceed to request the personalised illustration from the provider.

Once the documents have been returned, you will be given the option to download the personalised illustration for your client and other relevant documentation from the provider. Select the blue link to display the document:

personalised illustration.jpg

Retrieving a comparison quote to create the personalised illustration:

If you did not create the personalised illustration at the time of generating the comparison quote, you can retrieve the comparison quote at a later date.

Select Track from the menu bar along the top of the screen. If you made a note of the quote reference, you can enter the reference to search for the comparison quote:

quote reference.jpg

Alternatively, you can search all your quotes using one of the options from the left hand menu, for example Last quotes. This will display all your last quotes in a table for you to select from:

last quotes.jpg

The stage column will indicate if it is a comparison quote or a single quote. The comparison only quotes are indicated by 'Quote Only'. Select (click on) the quote reference to display the comparison quote:

retrieved comparison quote.jpg

To ensure the premiums are still valid, you will need to requote the comparison quote to obtain a current comparison quote. Select either Edit and requote or Requote to request an up to date comparison. A new comparison table will then be displayed and you would select Next on the right hand side for the chosen quote to create the personalised illustration, as explained above.