Creating Remuneration Expectations

Remuneration expectations are added into the client’s individual holdings. The holding can either be a holding that has been converted from an enquiry, or added without an enquiry. Both ‘initial’ and ‘on-going’ remuneration can be added to a holding.

The first step is to check the ‘Default splits’ tab to ensure all % splits that are due have been applied to the remuneration for the ‘Adviser’, ‘Introducer’ and ‘Network’.

Once the ‘defaults’ for this piece of business have been set the ‘initial’ and ‘renewal’ remunerations can be added as required.

‘Initial’ single pieces of remuneration or ‘claw backs’ are added by using the 

while ‘on-going’ and ‘regular’ remunerations are set up and then “posted” across to the Admin module as they become due.