Data Extract Tool (5.x)

The Client Care Desktop (CCD) Data Extract Tool allows users of CCD to extract their data contained within CCD to Excel spreadsheets.  

This guide has been created to provide;

  • A high-level overview of Client Care Desktop (CCD) Data Extract Tool
  • An understanding of prerequisite requirements ahead of running the Tool
  • A Step by Step guide to prepare and run the Data Extract Tool

We recommend that the tasks are performed by personnel who have a good understanding of your infrastructure, such as an internal or external IT department.

If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact our application support team on 0800 028 0033 before you start the process.

Please be aware that the application support team can only advise you regarding the process.  If you require us to perform any part of the process, please email with your requirements in order for the team to confirm the charge for this service.

CCD 5.x Data Extract Tool Guide.pdf