Deleting a client record

A new streamlined facility to delete client records presents a hierarchical view of the data areas for deletion, prompting you to confirm your selection and maintain a full audit trail by leaving ‘reason why’ notes. Access to this facility is controlled within your business via the user privileges, the user must be setup as a Supervisor (as seen below):

If there has been an internal or client request to delete client data, you can now delete the client, as well as any related records (except paid remuneration & complaints) within the client module.

Start by loading up the Client record:

Go up to the top filemaker menu and go into Data> Advanced>Delete> Delete record or left click on your mouse and select 'Delete record'.

(Be careful not to select 'Delete all records' as this will take you to a different view where you can delete multiple client records) 

This will take you into the 'Delete Client Record' area:

There is an associated records area on the left hand side, this will show you a tally of all records against this client record, which will include the Fact find, Assets, Holdings and Task records etc...

If you need to delete an element of the client record, but not the client record itself, you can click into the area you would like to view and delete each record individually.

It is good practise to check any warnings or more buttons before deleting

Deleting a Holding

In the screenshot below, the client has 3 existing holdings linked to their record.

You can view more information by clicking on the icon next to the holdings button:

If you need to delete one or more holdings, click into Holdings area:

Once within the holdings view, on the right-hand side, there are three icons:

  • 'View' will give you an overview of the holding
  • 'More' will give you a view of any records linked to the holding 
  • 'Delete' will allow you to delete the individual holding record.

When you are ready to delete, click the delete icon.

Once deleted, you can 'Return' to the client record view, or stay on the screen you are currently on:

Deleting a fact find

Some areas may have a warning sign, as seen below:

In this case, it is a warning that the client may be included on another clients fact find. Deleting the fact find here, will delete the first life fact find, but not where the client has been added as a partner on another clients fact find.

To delete the first life fact find, click into the fact find area:

This screen will give you the date the factfind was generated, as well as the client and consultant name.

Click 'Delete' 

The factfind has now been deleted.

Records NOT deleted

Complaints and reconciled fees will not be deleted and will remain in the system once the client record has been deleted:


You can also leave 'reason why' notes within the Client deletion notes area:

These notes will pull through to the deletions register within Admin> Reports> Registers.

Deleting the client record

Within the 'Delete Client Record' area, you can delete the entire record, which will include all related records linked to the client (except reconciled remuneration and complaints)

If you need to delete the client, click the 'Delete' button at the bottom on the page:

Specify whether it is a Client or Internal request:

Once the deletion has completed, you will get a confirmation message - 'Stay' will keep you in the deletion view (which will now be blank) and 'Return' will take you back to a blank client record:

A register of client deletion requests can be viewed, extracted or printed within the Admin>Reports>Compliance>Registers area:

The register of client deletion requests will show all deletions done within the system. They are date & time stamped with the user who deleted the record, notes, as well as the deleted record and type. As seen below: