Disassociating Clients

There will be times when you need to link or unlink clients in your database, without losing information already entered.  Any joint holdings will appear on both records once they have been disassociated.

To disassociated linked clients:

  1. Go to the ‘Notes’ page in the PERSONAL section of the client’s record.
  2. Click into the ‘System Partner reference’ field.
  3. A pop up box will appear asking if the clients need to be disassociated. select Yes.
  4. Go to the PERSONAL section of the partner’s record and amend to client

Moving to the Notes page in the PERSONAL section, at the right hand corner of CCD, there will be a ‘System partner reference’:

Once the System partner reference box is clicked into, the following pop up appears:

This removes the partner reference from the other person as well.  Now amend their records.

Also, the addresses may need to updated, as well as how any letters should be addressed.