Completing your EDI remuneration statement

When your receipt is in EDI there will be a box detailing the number of exceptions there are.  As you work through the exceptions and either resolve the issue or mark the remuneration item for manual reconciliation the number of exceptions outstanding will reduce. Once the exceptions outstanding has reached zero you can complete your EDI statement.

Once this has been completed, navigate back to the Receipt tab and you will see the following:

Once you click onto this Process receipt/transactions button, you will see this box:

Once you’ve clicked yes, the following print box will appear:

All EDI receipts are now moved to the receipt list in the remuneration area in the Admin module of CCD.  To reconcile the receipt and move it to your settlements,  process the receipt, all exceptions that have been marked as manual will appear in the reconcile tab of the receipt, while items that have been automatically reconciled in the EDI system will appear in the allocated tab. Complete the manual reconcile items and process the receipt in the normal way.

EDI receipts that have no exceptions will appear in the receipt list in the remunerations section of the administration module, enter the receipt and click into the 'Process this receipt' to move to your settlements.