Processing your EDI receipts

Your EDI message is now in CCD and can now be dealt with.  Click on the message and this will take you into the Remunerations data manager screen. 


All the transactions relating to the EDI receipt are shown here. Any that have not been automatically dealt with will have a red dot next to them and will appear in the exception list.

The Transactions can be put into alphabetical order, use the button below next to ‘Client’:


The next tab is the ‘Exceptions’ tab.  This is where you will find any transactions that have not been dealt with automatically and need some manual intervention.

For example: Indemnity remuneration is set to Reconcile.  A piece of Indemnity remuneration comes in on the EDI message and was unable to be matched using any of the different ways. An exception will be created.

If you have not received the paper statement you may want to have a list of all the exceptions that you have to work on.  This can be obtained by using the ‘Create a printable report of the (7) items listed’.


This will hold all the items of remuneration that EDI was able to deal with itself.  This will also include any items of remuneration for which you have selected the manual payment method. 

Once the receipt has been finished, it is possible to come back to this tab to check if any of the transactions have been matched or reconciled using a Soundex match.  This can be done using the ‘New Business and Remuneration Match method’.  Select from the drop down list:

The two that are important to look at are ‘Initial/soundex’ and ‘Soundex’.  The reason for this is to ensure that whilst matching/reconciling, if soundex has been used, the correct client/holding/remuneration expectation has been selected.  If there is a problem, the item can be un-reconciled, which would allow for the correct client/holding/remuneration to be found and used.