Receiving and Importing an EDI Message

Quay Messenger has already been set up and when it is signed on will be showing in your system tray (bottom right of screen).

 The final step needed to receive EDI messages from providers is the ‘Commission Inbox’.  This icon looks like a wallet.

It will appear on your desktop and must to be ‘opened’ for you to bring your EDI messages into CCD.  To open the ‘Commission Inbox’, you need to double click on it.  To check the ‘Commission Inbox’ is open and linked to Quay messenger double click on the world  icon, this will open up your Quay messenger screen.

Once your ‘Commission Inbox’ is open, any messages waiting in Quay Messenger will move into the Inbox.  To indicate that a message is coming in, this message will appear in the bottom right hand menu:

If messages are received and haven’t been processed the icon will flash alternating between a green tick and a blue exclamation mark.

Once you click on the ‘Commission Inbox’, the following screen will appear:

To bring the messages in from the Commission Inbox to CCD, click on the ‘Process’ button next to the EDI message you want to take into CCD.

Once a message has been processed, it will be in the following area:

Updates > Remunerations