How do I deal with Payment Method exceptions in EDI?

When testing for exceptions within an EDI statement, the Payment Method is flagged as an exception.

There are two reasons that an item will appear as Payment Method - a “payment method” has not been set up for the payment method recorded on the message. 

To deal with this error, follow the below steps:

  • To set up a payment method for this type of remuneration, return to the set up area of CCD and complete the payment method screen (Setup> Technical> Remunerations> EDI) 
  • Return to the Commission Data Manager screen and test for exceptions.  
  • Secondly it could be that the provider has not confirmed the remuneration type. 
  • If this is blank and you can identify the commission type from the client or policy record or from the paper statement then select the correct remuneration basis from the drop down and test for exceptions. 
  • If you cannot identify the remuneration basis then you can set to manual to deal with this later.