How do I record EDI payment methods?

This article explains how to set up payment methods for Electronic Commission Reconciliation (EDI).

Within Setup > Technical > Commissions > EDI you are able to set up different payment methods for the different types of commissions.  This needs to be done before bringing in receipts from the commission wallet.  However, the payment methods can be changed at any time.

There are two columns Within tolerance and Otherwise... and on the left there are the different commission types.

Within tolerance allows a client to deal with smaller pieces of commission in a different way to larger pieces.  Some clients use this for renewal commission where they receive a few pence each month in commission and haven't set up the renewal commission on the holding.  In this case the following could be used:

In this instance any piece of renewal commission between 0.00 pence and £1.00 will be matched.  Any renewal commission over £1.00 will be reconciled.

If  all renewal commission has been set up on CCD regardless of the amount, then Reconcile will need to be recorded in the Otherwise... column.

For each commission type there must be at least one payment method recorded in the Otherwise... colum.  There is no need to use the Within tolerance column if all expectations are regular commission has been set up.

There are five different payment methods and these can be seen on the attached document.

All of the commission types must have a payment method recorded against them.
The screen shots included in this article only show examples of what can be set up.  They are not a recommendation.