Email Marketing

When setting up e-mail marketing campaigns pre-set email templates from can be used in the same way as letters including merged fields.

To send a batch e-mail select e-mail as the method of communication when setting up the marketing records. 

Proceed to set standard text and either free format type the body of the letter or use a template from the standard text area of CCD. Merge fields can be added in the same way as for a letter. 

Merge the data – once the data has been merged you will be given the option to: view the e-mails, batch send or batch export. 

When sending a batch of emails from CCD the system will export the FileMaker email to an Outlook message. 

You will at this stage be given the option to send one e-mail or individual e-mails. 

If you select individually at this stage you will have to physically click on send in Outlook for each e-mail in the found set. If you select one e-mail all of the recipients e-mail addresses will appear in the 'To' box on the outlook message

To ensure that you do not reveal clients’ e-mail addresses to non-authorised recipients, proceed by clicking on the ‘One e-mail’ and select ‘yes’ from the pop up asking if you want to edit the message before sending. 

Once the email is showing in your Outlook, cut all of the e-mail addresses from the 'To' line and paste them into the ‘BCC’ line and type your company e-mail address into the 'To' line.

You can now send the e-mail from Outlook.

Marketing records for the sent e-mail will be set up in Clients > Marketing in the normal way.