Entering a Batch of Employees

It is possible to import a batch of ‘employees’ from an Excel spreadsheet straight into the ‘corporate’ record. There is a set of spreadsheets available in the Updates module of CCD.

Save the spreadsheet onto your PC and this can then be sent out to existing or new Corporate clients. The New member spreadsheet can be used to add members to a scheme or to add ‘employees’ to the employee list. 

When the spreadsheet is sent back by a corporate client, ensure that this is saved somewhere that is accessible.

Once this button has been clicked, answer ‘Yes’ to the following question:

Now browse through your computer to find the saved spreadsheet.

As this is a CFSL prepared spreadsheet the fields will “auto match”. If using your own spreadsheet the source fields will need to be matched with the target fields in CCD.  To ensure this happens, firstly select Don’t import first record (contains field names).

Work across the spreadsheet and check, add or amend as required, then move onto the Personal tab and work through this. When the columns are complete click into the  

Once completed, you will be returned to the Employees page of the corporate record.  There will be some work needed to complete information that is not contained on the spreadsheet.