Entering a letter against a holding

Select the task to be performed from the drop down list. Use the  to enter the full details and to access the letter area.

To produce any type of correspondence relating to this task enter the Message tab:

By selecting the Select filter you can search the folders that your letters are saved in.

Now select the letter that you want to use.

Your letter now starts to take form and any merge items you have included within your letter will be inserted by CCD.

When you are happy with your letter the last stage is to adjust the font style, size and colour to suit your company branding.

This is done by clicking on :

If no changes are made to the letter in the MS Word format when you close the letter, it will not prompt you to save, the letter will auto save to CCD. If you have made amendments after outputting the letter to MS Word then you will be prompted to save the changes.