Exporting a list of tasks into Excel

If you create tasks within the work or task areas of CCD and have created documents associated to those tasks, the documents will be created and saved under the area specified within Setup > Technical > Word processing tab.  Refer to the KB guide Setting up Word Processing and Email.

To extract a list of your tasks created that have documents associated, navigate to any task and click on the Message tab.  If a document has been created, a date will display in the Word Export field (highlighted below):

Go into Find mode:

Click into the field next to Word export, enter a ‘*’ and hit return (enter) on your keyboard:

To see how many records you have, click on the icon highlighted to show or hide the toolbar:

You will then see the toolbar stating the number or found records out of the total records held in this table:

 To extract a list of the records, click on Data > Save as Excel:

Specify the File Name, type of file and where you wish to save the excel spreadsheet:

Navigate to the file you have created, you will be presented with a spreadsheet containing a number of fields, the key ones highlighted are the workref and client name:

Documents are stored using the workref field within your specified location.