Exporting Client Details into Excel

You are able to export client details from within the Admin> Marketing> Wizards area.

Click I> Search client records... 

Select 'View records as a data table':

This will open a table view of Client data. If there are any additional fields you would like to add, these fields can be selected further along in the process.

Click 'Create a spreadsheet based on the records shown':

Set the file name, the 'Save as type' as Excel Workbooks (*.xlsx) and tick the 'Automatically open file' box if you would like to view the data straight after the export.

Click 'Save'

Click 'Continue' to the next message:

You can now specify the fields you would like to export.

The 'Field export order' box on the right-hand side, will have a list of all the fields within the previous data table. You are able to 'Export' the fields out now, or if you have any further fields you would like to add, you will need to move to the next step.

To add further fields from the client database, select 'Current Table ("Client")' from the dropdown:

This will load all fields within the Clients database. You will need to know which fields and the name of the field you would like to move over to the field export order box.

If you are unsure of the names of the fields you would like to export, contact our Support Team on 0800 028 0033 or email support@synaptic.co.uk for guidance. 

Note: Not all fields are the same name as within the system.

Select the field name and click '>>Move>>' to add it to the 'Field export order' box:

Once you have added all the additional fields, select 'Export'

Click 'OK' to the following message:

You data has now been exported: