Can I link through to research tools and record advice given through the Fact find?

Once a client's personal circumstances and financial aspirations have been ascertained, it is the task of the IFA to recommend suitable products which meet the needs identified. CCD provides the facility to record any advice given, whether it results in the sale of a policy or not.

This can be done via the Enquiries area of the Clients Module or Recommendation area of the Fact Find.  This allows you to record any areas of need that have been identified where the client wants to take action.  (The screen shot below shows the Recommendation areas of the Fact Find).

The importance of this may not make itself immediately apparent, however from a compliance point of view, if the question were to arise at a later date as to why a particular product hadn't been recommended, the system could be used to demonstrate that it had been declined by the customer. Furthermore, when it comes to review fact finding, you can point out that the recommendation made previously may possibly not have been acted upon, reinforcing the need to consider that need at this time.

Research can then be completed from within the Enquiries area of Clients, or the Analysis area of Fact Find.  (The screen shot below shows the Research section of Enquiries).

By creating advice within CCD, suitability letters can be generated within an instant, either from the Tasks area of a holding via the standard text area or from ATEB Intellidox (3rd Party) via the Notes tab of the enquiry.

Finally, when creating advice in CCD, if the policy is taken up by the client, the recommendation details can easily be transferred to create the basis for the new holding, ensuring that any information already entered is used effectively.  This is done once the Recommendation details have been recorded.

Using Use this recommendation as the basis of a new holding record will take all the information recorded for the enquiry and convert this into a piece of new business.