Fact find - Introduction

The Fact finding module within CCD is designed to serve several purposes. First and foremost, it is a structured means of gathering together as much of the client's personal financial information as possible. Completion of the Fact find enables you to use the Needs Analysis calculators, which provide a quick and effective method of identifying shortfalls in cover.

The completion of the Fact find will also enable you to group together clients for marketing purposes on a multitude of criteria. This is an aspect which is lost when paper-based Fact finds are retained, as once the information has been used, the record is consigned to the client's paper file, never to be used again in most cases.

Finally, the use of the electronic Fact find will enable reviews to be carried out more effectively, since at review time you need simply print off the previous entry, and ask the client to update the information, which has changed since your last meeting.

The operation of the Fact find module is optional, as the system is designed to function without these details being required. However, owing to the immediate access to information, the provision of facilities such as the review fact find and the re-use of data input within such applications as the client needs analysis system, the completion of the Fact find module may prove a very worthwhile investment.