How do I navigate through the fact find?

The navigation of the fact find is consistent with the other areas of CCD and is driven by the left hand side of your screen. The more familiar you become with your fact find the more you will find yourself moving from screen to screen. As a new user we suggest that you utilise all the options you have across the screen, ensuring all the sub tabs at the bottom are visited and once you have truly exhausted the tabs across your screen move to the next option down the left hand side. This will ensure that you will not miss any screens. Some fields are marked red and these are mandatory but the rest are down to you and your compliance department as to whether they need to be used. As with any system the more information you enter into CCD the more output you can obtain later from your information.


As an example, the first screen available within the fact find is the personal section subdivided into Address & Personal details using the tabs at the bottom of the layout.

Now you are ready to move across the screen to the Employment tab. This too is subdivided using the Employment & Continued tabs at the bottom of the layout, continue to progress in this manner and once all tabs across are exhausted, move down the left hand side to your next option i.e. Affordability.

If you continue to use this navigation throughout your fact find you will see all the options available to you, however, with familiarisation you will find that you visit screens in whichever way fits best with your own sales process.