Fact Find: Creating a New Fact Find

You can access the Fact Find module in two ways.

Directly from the main menu:

Alternatively access the Fact Find module from the Clients module, go to the Personal section of the client’s record and click the ‘Fact find’ link:

 To create a new fact find, or

 to review an existing fact find.

If you try to set up a Fact Find from a Partner record the following message is displayed.

In this case, switch to the Clients record and click the button again.

If you enter the Fact find from the main menu you can search for the correct client in exactly the same way that you would search for a client in the Clients module.

The Fact find is made up of four main sections. Input sections are PERSONAL, PLANNING, HOLDINGS and REQUIREMENTS. The output reports (specific and holistic reports) are in the ‘Analysis’ section.

Unlike other parts of CCD, where the recommended method of input is to work down the menu options on the menu bar and then complete each tab within that option, in the FACT FIND module the recommended order of input is slightly different.

Any information already added at client level, such as client information and holding information will have fed through to the Fact find and will not need to be input again.