Fact Find: Order for Completion

The Fact Find can be added using Personal, Planning, Holdings and Requirements or by using the ‘View fact find’ which you will find within the ‘Print Options’ tab.

This table confirms the recommended route of adding a fact find onto CCD.  It ensures that you use the wizards so that information is added once.    Enter into the Fact Find module for the chosen client, or find the client when in the Fact Find module.

What to do

Where to do it


Add the Accountants/Solicitors etc.

Personal > Prof. Contacts

Use ‘Select from contacts’ to find the contact.  If not there, type in the details and use the ‘Add to contacts’ button.

Enter the client’s existing arrangements

Holdings > All Holdings

Use ‘+Add record’ and record the details of the existing arrangements.

Pull details through the affordability, Net worth and Borrowings section


Use the ‘Set all values automatically from holdings’ on each of the three pages.     This will pull relevant information into each section.

Add the rest of the Fact Find

Fact Find > Print options > View the full financial planning fact find, or View the short financial planning fact find

Enter into this area and transpose the information using the drop downs on by typing directly in.

Check completion

Fact Find > Completion

Check to ensure each relevant section has passed and if not relevant or not disclosed, click into ‘Comments’ and record.

PDF the Fact find

Fact Find > Print options

Save or email as required.