Fact Find: Print Options

To print a blank fact find out or to PDF a completed fact find, navigate to the Print Options tab:

There are two main fact finds on CCD:

1) Full Fact Find – a full fact find can include all planning sections or can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements.

2) Short Fact Find – No planning sections and less detail in the income and expenditure.  There is still the ability to tailor the fact find to meet your company’s requirement.

Within the Attitude to Risk tab there will be printable versions of the attitude to risk questionnaires.

A full fact find, or a fact find tailored to meet your company’s needs, can be viewed on screen using the    link. It will always display only the areas which have been selected.  The pages that need printing can be selected for each individual client, or can be set up under Setup > Technical > Software > Fact find to record the company standard.

When creating a fact find in PDF there is the option to attach the PDF to an e-mail and send to the recipient directly from within CCD. To choose who the e-mail is to be sent to click the   .

You will then be presented with an e-mail address linked to the fact find:

Once the e-mail address is selected and ‘Attach the PDF to an e-mail’ is checked, selecting ‘Create full financial planning fact find in PDF format’ will display a new mail message with the e-mail address entered and the PDF fact find attached.