Fact Find: The Affordability/Net worth and Borrowing Page

In each of the following sections AFFORDABILITY, NET WORTH and BORROWING the first screen displayed is the ‘Summary’ screen.  At the bottom of the screen is a refresh button.  You should click this link every time that the fact find is revisited.   This will feed through all the up to date information from the holdings into the detail sections of the fact find:

The screen now shows a summary of the client’s income and expenditure:

The detail screens are self-explanatory and do not need detailed instruction, any screens that have additional features will be shown below.  Any relevant information from the holdings record will appear and can be amended as required, additional information that is not linked to a holding can be added.

In the Pension Income detail there is a link to The Pension Service website and to a BR19 for a state pension forecast (this is required for accurate pension shortfall/forecast reports).

Select the tax year from the drop down and the National insurance status.  Using the blue link at the bottom of the page will pull through the income details from the fact find.  Tax and NI will auto calculate using the set information.  Go to the ‘NI’ tab and use the blue link to feed the information back to the fact find.  There is also the ability to produce a print of the calculations.