Fact Find: The Personal Section

The PERSONAL section of the Fact find is further split into four parts: ’Personal’, ‘Affordability’, ‘Net Worth’ and ‘Borrowing’.

Go to the PERSONAL section and complete the ‘Personal’ tabs:

Professional Contacts and can be pulled through from the drop downs, which are populated from the CONTACTS module. Unlike advisers in the Clients module, here you can add contacts to the drop down if they are not existing contacts.

The contacts details will then be pulled through:

To add a new professional adviser to the contacts drop down list. Enter the details for the name, company and address and then click the link.  This professional adviser will now be available in the drop down list.  The main contacts list should be revisited at a later date to complete the record in full.

Once all the Personal details have been added go to the Holdings section.

All the current holdings held within the Clients module will be displayed.   Check this against the list of current provisions on the completed fact find and add additional holdings as required.   The screens to add holdings in a Fact find are not as detailed as in the Clients module, but have all the fields required for the fact find. The full holding record in the Clients module should be visited at a later date and any missing information should then be input.

Once all the holdings have been added go back to the Personal section and go to ‘Affordability’.