Group Schemes - Increases and Decreases of Salary

Employees who are members of a scheme may receive an annual increase, or an one off increase in salary.  Potentially, some clients may even receive a salary decrease perhaps after going onto part time hours. These increases or decreases need to be recorded on CCD.

There are 2 ways to action this:

  • Using the batch increment section within a scheme
  • Using the increment spreadsheet

Starting off using the batch increment section within a scheme, use this button to complete details of the changes in salary.

The following question will appear:

Now a further question will pop up:

If ‘Yes’ has been selected, omit the members who have not received a pay change.

Use the ‘Continue’ button which will appear in the menu which has appeared at the top right hand side of your screen.

If ‘No’ was the answer to the question ‘Do you wish to review the membership list and omit any members?’ you will be taken straight to the screen shot on the next page.

Once the ‘Process increments for the scheme’s current membership’ has been clicked on, complete the following tabs.

Within the Salary Increase tab, the client’s current salary needs to be re-keyed in the Old Salary column and the new salary needs to be keyed in the Current Salary column.

This calculates the increase and completes the Salary Increment column.

These fields are fully amendable. The remuneration will be calculated if the following fields have been completed:

Now finish this off, by using the button at the top of the Remuneration tab:

The increases or decreases will now show against each members’ record but not on this overview page:

The record now shows the increment on the individuals record: