Group Schemes - Dealing with a Leaver manually

When an employee leaves a company, this information will need to be recorded on CCD.   We will be assuming that the ex-members record will be kept on the scheme record for future referral.

There are two ways in which this can be done;

  • Dealing with each member as they leave manually
  • Using the Member leavers spreadsheet

When a member leaves an employer and stops contributing to their GPP, there are 2 pieces of work that need to be done:

  • Cancel the plan
  • Remove the employer from the clients’ record.

Starting at the membership page of the scheme:

Now in the client’s holding record, use the highlighted button:

Complete the following fields:

The individual record will now be cancelled and the Overview page will be displayed.  Move back to the scheme record:

Once back onto scheme record the member record may still appear in the current membership list.  If this happens, simply click onto the record and re-insert the cancelled status from the drop down list.  Move back to the membership list and the member should now have moved from the Current list into the ‘All’ tab.

Now that this has been done, the employer needs to be removed from the client record.   This is done within the individual client record.  Navigate back to the ex-members individual record and go to Personal > Employment:


To remove the employer, click into the Employer field and use the backspace key on your keyboard.