Group Schemes - Leavers taking their GPP with them

If an employee is leaving a company’s employment and has decided to take their portion of the GPP with them, this can be done. The pension can easily be removed from the scheme, but this will remove all trace of that client from the scheme record.

To remove the holding from a scheme, simply enter onto the holding record for the individual and remove the information in the Scheme field.

There may also be some changes that need to be made on this record, such as changing the details of the plan.

The next thing to do is to remove the employer from the ex- employee’s record. To do this enter the employee’s record within Personal > Employment:

And remove the company from the ‘Employer’ field.  

The other option, if you wish to maintain confirmation that this pension was originally part of a scheme, is to do the following;

  • Set the status of the scheme to ‘Transferred’.
  • Remove the ‘employer’ from the ex-employees record
  • Add a new holding (Info only) to the ex-employees record with details of their GPP.