Group Schemes - Member Salary Update Spreadsheet

The other option to record members’ salary increases or decreases into CCD, is to use the member salary update spreadsheet.

Complete the relevant spreadsheet and save onto your PC or if a corporate client is completing the spreadsheet, save this onto the PC.   To use the spreadsheet to import salary update information:

The following message will appear:

The following mapping screen will appear. As this spreadsheet is from CFSL, there will be nothing to change.  If you are using your own spreadsheet, you will need to map these fields.

The following box will appear, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Now the following tabs will need to be completed.

If there are only a few records, the Update button can be clicked on for each member.  If this would be  time consuming, use the >Update all salaries button.

Once this has been done, move to the next tab to select the scheme(s) that needs to be updated with these salary changes.

There are now some tabs to be completed.

As previously mentioned in this manual, if the answer to a field is the same for all of the members, complete the field for the first client and then click on the arrow beneath the heading. The information will then copy down to all of the records.

On the final Remuneration tab, confirm what type of remuneration is to be paid on these increments or decrements.

When finished return to the Audit tab:

The following page will then appear.  Click on Complete wizard and ‘Yes’ to the pop up question.

Once finished, you will be taken back to Updates > Schemes.  To view this information, navigate back onto members individual record: