Group Schemes - Updating New Business Checklists

There is now functionality to allow clients to find all the incomplete records for a scheme and then update them in bulk.

To do this navigate to Admin > New Business or Compliance.

Within New Business, select Product and then Schemes.  Search for the scheme name and any Administration checklists which have not been completed will appear.

Click into the first entry and use the rolodex button to open up the additional menu.

You will now see the following:

We are working on a Found set of 6 files.  Any information that we input into this record, we can tell CCD to input it into the other 5 records.

In the example below, Full Compliance has been added to the Advice Basis Field.

Once that had been selected, the mouse was double clicked in the field and it now shows that the mouse is at the end of the input in that field.

Now navigate to Data > Advanced > Replace field contents.

The following screen will appear.

That one field on all the 6 records will now say full compliance.  If when doing this the number here is not match the found set number, stop immediately.  Call the Support Team on 0800 028 0033 for assistance.

This can be done field by field, where ever the information in one record is the same as on all the other records in the found set.

Once this has been done, each record will have a blue ‘dot’ at the end of the record.   This means all fields have been completed except the last button:

Rather than working through each one to complete, there is a button on this page that can then be selected to complete all the checklists with today’s date:

Click onto this button and today’s date will be inserted into the Complete checklist field on each of these records and all the records will disappear from this list.