Group Schemes - Using the Transfer In Spreadsheet

Once the new scheme is set up and the member’s records have been created, the transfer in spreadsheet can be completed and imported as follows:

The following screen will then to be displayed.  Work along each of the records and complete the columns in red.   

Once ‘Match’ is clicked, the matching record will need to be selected:

When all the matches are complete, move to the next tab Admin/Compliance.  There are now a number of fields which will need to be completed for the ‘Administration’ and ‘Submission’ checklists for this members holding record.

When adding data into these fields, add the information to the first record.  If it is the same for all records, click onto the arrow beneath the heading. A message will appear:

The information from the first field will be recorded in the fields underneath.

Once all fields have been completed, click back to the Matches tab and use the ‘Complete wizard’ button.

Once selected, you will be taken back to this page on CCD.

The member’s records will now be updated.