Group Schemes: Processing Leavers using the spreadsheet

If a number of members are leaving the scheme all at once, it may be quicker to use the spreadsheet to process this, rather than on an individual basis.

The spreadsheet needs to be saved onto your PC with all the relevant information on the leaver’s sheet completed.  Once this has been done, complete the following information and choose the appropriate spreadsheet.


The details of the leaver will now appear.

Now select the scheme which needs to be amended.

Now a list of the employees whose details were on the spreadsheet will appear in the list.

If using the ‘Expand’ button next to a member’s record, this will appear:

Let CCD work through the process and it will then finish and leave you on the member record.

This has cancelled the holding. However, the employer will still need to be removed from the record. This would be done on the client’s individual record within Personal > Employment.

Simply, click into the Employer box and click the backspace key on your keyboard.  The employers name will no longer be there.