Holdings: Archiving a Holding

When a policy is paid up, lapsed or cancelled you may wish to remove it from the current holdings list without deleting the holding from the client’s record.

To mark a policy paid up, lapsed or cancelled, go to the ‘Overview’ screen and click onto the ‘Make this contract paid up/cancelled’:

Once this is clicked, the following messages will appear, answer as appropriate:

Select the appropriate status from the dropdown list and confirm the cancellation date:

Once this has been done, you will be taken back to the Overview page of the holding.  It will still appear in the ‘All holdings’ list but this can be changed:

If you wish to take the plan out of the clients list of holdings, it can be archived:

Click Ok to the message:

Once this has been done, the holding can only be seen if ‘All Holdings’ or ‘Archived Holdings only’:

When viewing within ‘All holdings’ any holdings which have been archived are greyed out.