Holdings: The Remuneration Page

The Transaction Tab of the Remuneration section is where the type of remuneration that you will be receiving can be recorded.   Also if a plan has a claw back period, this can also be entered here.

The Default Splits Tab is where the Network, Introducer and adviser % details are populated. These %’s will be set from the relevant record in the set up area but can be changed in this tab for all remuneration for this piece of business.

The Regular Initial Tab is where you will set up the details of any regular remuneration.

The Renewal Tab is where the details of how renewals will be paid in the future. 

Default Splits Tab

Before entering any detail on the transaction tab check that the default splits for this case are correct. 

Transaction Tab 

To add a single item of remuneration, click on the ,   you will then see two pop-ups:

Return to the main Remuneration page and go to the ‘Renewal’ tab at the bottom of the page.

Regular Initial Tab

This tab will need comp0leting when the initial remuneration is being taken over a period of time. This used to be referred to as non-indemnity commission. 

Renewal Tab 

On the renewal tab different screens will be displayed depending on whether Flat or Per cent has been selected as the renewal method. 

Flat Renewal Method

Per cent Renewal Method

It is also possible to set a different pay away/split of remuneration for the renewal on a piece of business. – to set the renewal splits select the renewal split tab and amend the pay away from the default for the case.