How do I add a Directly Held Asset?

Once money has been allocated to a Self Invested Personal Pension plan (SIPP), it may need to be used to buy Directly Held Assets (such as directly held shares, commercial property bought outright).  
Click the Allocate Contribution button. The following will appear:

If the Directly Held Asset does not already exist in CCD, use New.  If the Asset does already exist in CCD, use Existing.

Complete the fields on this page.

To update the balance of the Trustee Account, use the Auto full £106,000.00 button.  To finish, click Proceed to select asset.

Before selecting the asset, confirm whether the Directly Held Asset is being recorded as Information Only or New Business.  Once done, the asset being bought will need to be selected:
Use the Select button at the end of the asset which has been bought.  Now record the number of shares purchased:
Once completed, navigate back to Assets on the breadcrumb trail.
The Directly Held Asset is now recorded.