How do I add a Pension group scheme onto my corporate client?

This article will explain how to add new group pension scheme to your corporate client.

Select you corporate client. Select Holdings from the left hand menu. The Contracts  tab records any holdings that the corporate client owns for their benefit. The Schemes tab reocrds any group schemes in place for the benefit of their employees.

As a group pension scheme is a plan for the benefit of the employees, therefore is recorded within the Schemes tab:
Select Add record from the top right of the grid and confirm you wish to add a new group scheme:
Record the details of the group scheme, remember to add the name of the scheme in the Scheme name field.

Select the Contacts tab to record details of the principal contact for the scheme together with the scheme contacts such as the company secretary and payroll staff.

Select Details from the left hand menu to record details of the benefit payable together with any eligibility conditions that may be applied to the plan.

The company may offer different levels of benefit to different types of staff. For example, a director may receive a different level to the general staff. The different levels of benefit can then be applied as and when required to each individual employee:

The Additional tab allows you to enter the different levels of benefit:
Enter the Section name, for example 'Main Staff', 'Executive'. Then type in the details of the benefit payable for each section together with any death in service benefits and the normal returement age.

Once completed, select Administration from the left hand menu:
 There is no 'New business' or 'Submission' checklist on a scheme record. The Administration screen does have a checklist but this will not affect the 'new business register' or 'incomplete compliance checklists', as each individual member's policy will have its own set of 'New business'' and 'Submission' records.
Select each tab within the Administration screen and complete the relevant information.

Tasks can be recorded in the usual way for the scheme. Please see article 'Admin - Creating Tasks for a Holding.

The Commission section from the left hand menu should only be used if the commission is being paid for the scheme itself. If commission is going to be paid on each member of the scheme, individual commission should be added to the member's full record.
Any commission added to an individual member of a scheme will show in the schemes 'Commission' section.

Once the scheme has been setup, members can then be added. Please see articles 'Corporate - Adding Staff Members - Manually' and 'Corporate - Adding Staff Members - Importing Details'.