How do I add a single member to a group scheme?

This article will explain how to add single members to a group scheme. A separate article shows how to add a batch of members to your scheme (see related articles).

Note: The client has to first be set as an employee of the corporate client before they can be added as a member of any scheme.

From the corporate client, select Holdings and the Schemes tab. Select the scheme you wish to add the employee to and navigate to the Membership screen:
Select Add record from the top right of the screen. To add a single new member click in the Staff member field and select from the existing list of employees. It will automatically add the date of birth and salary if this has been previously recorded againist the employee record:
Complete the remaining fields which will be relevant to the type of scheme selected.
The Application status field needs to be completed. Record whether the member is a current member, i.e. 'In force' or if this is a new application 'Proposed'. If you select 'In force' you will be required to complete the Effective date field before the member can be successfully added to the scheme. If you select 'Proposed' you will be required to complete the Application received and Application dated field:
Once all the required fields have been completed Add this new member to the scheme will be highlighted in red at the bottom right of the screen. Select this to complete the process and add the member to the scheme.

A new holding will be recorded againist the individual employee's record and you will be asked if you wish to view this.