How do I add existing holdings to a client record?

From the Main Menu click on Clients and locate your chosen client by clicking on Find record at the top right of your screen. Click on the Holdings option on the left of your screen and you will be presented with a list of any holdings already created for this client.
To add a holding, click the Add record button on the top right hand side of the screen and confirm that you wish to add a new holding. The CCD system will then ask you to confirm whether the new holding is to be recorded as a joint holding and if it is to be Information Only or New Business. Holdings should be loaded as Information Only if you did not sell the plan, since none of the compliance requirements will be applicable if you did not write this piece of business.

Once you have selected the compliance status the system will ask for confirmation of the current holding status.
You now have to enter the policy details. Start by identifying, if known, the reason why this plan was arranged. The next task is to select your product provider and the type of holding. The system comes complete with a comprehensive list of providers and generic product types. If the provider or product type is not available then please contact Capita Financial Software and we will be happy to accommodate your request.
To speed up your search, whilst the list is displayed, type the first two letters of the provider's name to 'fast forward' to the appropriate section of the list. Note: The entries are listed alphabetically. Continue to complete further details including the contact number and effective date, if known. None of the fields on this screen are mandatory but the system does need to know the product provider and type of product as a minimum to know which data to expect under the details tab.

Once you have recorded the elements of the product, you should progress to the Contributions option on the left.
If the policy has a history of amendments to the premium, these should be entered under the premium history sub section. A 'New' entry should be included for each increment, decrement etc to build up an entire premium history.