How do I add staff members and import details to a corporate record?

This article will explain how to import a list of employees for your corporate client.

Prior to performing the import you will need a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet detailing the employee details. An example spreadsheet is below:
 Once you have a Mircosoft Excel spreadsheet with the employee details, it can then be imported into CCD.

Select the corporate client from the Clients module and select Employees from the menu on the left hand side:
To import details from the spreadsheet, select Import records from the top right of the screen and confirm that you wish to run the employee record import wizard. You will be displayed with a windows screen and need to select the spreadsheet in it's saved location:

Select the relevant spreadsheet, if the spreadsheet has more than one sheet you will need to select the relevant sheet to import the data from. The CCD import screen will then displayed:

 The column headings held in your spreadsheet are displayed on the left hand side and the CCD field names on the right hand side. You need to ensure these match up, as shown above, so the correct data will be imported to the correct fields. If the fields are not matching, the CCD fields can be moved to the correct spreadsheet column heading by clicking and dragging on field mover.jpg next to the CCD field.  Once all the fields match, ensure Add new records is selected. You will also need to select Don't import first record (contains field names) to ensure the the spreadsheet column headings are not added as a employee. 

Once completed select Import:

The employees from the spreadsheet will be listed. Complete any known information in the Contact and Personal tab and select Complete wizard and return to the corporate client blue link from the top of the screen.

You will be returned to the Clients module and the new employees will be listed with the existing employees:

A new client record is also created for the imported employees:You can now update the new client record in the normal way.