How do I change commission providers?

There have been some changes to the Providers who send both electronic and paper commission statements.
Scottish Widows and Clerical Medical have merged and will be sending their electronic and paper commission statements under the name Scottish Widows.
AXA and Friends Provident have also merged and will be sending their electronic and paper commission statements under the name Friends Life.
Statements from these providers will be received using their new names and need to be processed in the same way. However for commission that is outstanding and any future commission, work will need to be done so that the commission for the two providers can be dealt with on the one receipt.

There are some considerations around Contract Enquiry and the name changes, so if you do use these providers for CE as well, do not change the name of the Provider, instead input a Commission Administrator.

For those of you using EDI:

Until all outstanding commission expectations which are in the Providers former names are reconciled, when a receipt is received from Scottish Widows or Friends Life the name in the provider field can be changed to Clerical Medical, AXA or Friends Provident and the ‘Test for exceptions’ button used on the Exceptions tab:
This would need to be done for both of the companies who have merged.
The Exceptions left would then need to be dealt with carefully. The provider who is showing in the Provider Code field may not be the provider for all of the exceptions. Use the statement to ascertain which provider is attached to each exception and then deal with them with the correct Provider code recorded on the Receipt tab.
In future, commission will need to be changed to the provider who is now sending the statement which will enable you to easily deal with it.
  • If you prefer to maintain the original Provider on the Holding record, then add in a Commission administrator.  This can be done in bulk.  (Use this if you use Contract Enquiry).
  • If you prefer to change the whole record to show the new Provider names, change the Provider field within the Holding record.  This can be done in bulk.
To set up a Provider as a Commission administrator, find the Provider within the Setup Module. Select their record and click on the Information tab and then click on the Services tab:

Click into Groups to which the Provider belongs and select Commission administrator.
To update the existing holdings records with your new Commission Administrator, find the original Provider within the Setup Module. Select their record and click on the Information tab and then click on the Commissions tab:

Click into the Commission administrator field and choose the appropriate commission administrator.  Click on close window and the pop up box will appear.  Select Yes.
This will now update all the Clerical Medical records to add Scottish Widows in as their commission administrator.