How do I complete the Employee Benefits area of the Corporate Fact find

There are a number of Corporate Fact find documents available from the CCD system. This document shows you how to use the Employee Benefits fact find and specifically the planning area of the fact find.


From the Main Menu click on Fact find on the left hand side and locate your corporate client using the Find Record option at the top right of your screen.  


Click on the Fact find button on the left hand side. If a fact find has already been created then you will be taken directly into the Fact find area. If no Fact find exists then you will be prompted to create a new document at this stage. Your screen should appear as follows:

Click on Employee benefits data to enter the employee benefits fact find:


The first part of the employee benefits fact find relates specifically to the objectives for Director benefit planning. This is a free format notes box into which you may type any plans or objectives specifically relating to Director level benefits.

Key People 

The Objectives tab allows you to record a summary in text format of any plans or specific objectives in connection with Key Person benefit packages. Click on the Budget tab to record further details such as why the people may be considered Key and to what degree. You may also record a budget to be set aside specifically for Key Person benefits plans.


This area of the fact find is used to record details of any plans for remaining employees of the business. The Objectives screen is used to record a summary of any plans or specific objectives in respect of general employees benefit plans.

Click on the Retirement tab to record details of plans to be considered specifically for retirement planning as an employee benefit. This should include details of the budget to be set aside, any qualification to the benefits and the normal retirement age of the scheme.

Next move to the Death / CI tab, this is sub-divided further into Death and Critical illness sections. Record the details accordingly, including any budget available, the likely membership and definition of salary for the calculation of benefits payable.

Click on the Health tab where details of any Permanent Health Insurance and Private Medical Insurance benefits are recorded. Update any fields are appropriate including the age to which cover should continue and the level of cover required.

Finally click on the Loyalty tab to record any benefit or provision to be set aside for the reward of longer serving staff.