How do I create a end of tax year ISA report?

It is possible to export information out of CCD to show all clients who have not paid in their ISA allowance for this tax year.
To start this export, firstly a search must be carried out in the Holdings section of the Clients Module so search for all ‘In force - Individual Savings Account.’

  Enter on the keyboard and an ISA record will appear:  
Click on the List View button in the top right of your screen (next to the Yellow notes icon) to go into List view. 
From here, click - Data > Advanced > Export Records. When the following screen pops up, type a file name and change the Save as type to Excel Files (*.xls) and click Save.  
The following pop up will appear, enter some details and click Continue.
Now the fields that need to be exported will need to be chosen. When the next screen appears, click into the first field Current Layout (“List”) and change to Clients.bia. This will enable the clients name (as it should appear on any letter), together with the full address.
The fields that are required (if a mail merge is going to be done in Word):
Salutation calc
Once this has been done, click onto Clients.bia and choose Premcomm from the drop down list.

The following fields will need to be clicked on and moved to the Field export order box.
This will give a list of all premiums paid and when they have been paid.  Once this list is available, it will be possible within Excel to sort  and find only those contributions paid in this tax year.