How do I create a one-off fee and invoice?

CCD has the ability to produce branded Invoices, which can be forwarded to your clients with ease.

These will have your company logo on, as well as whom you need the cheque made payable to and a remittance slip, which can be returned with your client’s cheques for ease of record keeping.

To produce an Invoice you must first find the correct client then click on Account from the menu on the left hand side:
Click into the Fees tab:
You will find yourself in the Invoices due tab and if any previous invoices have been issued they will appear here.

At the bottom right-hand side of your screen you have the option to + Create new client invoice. Click on this link and answer Yes to the question Do you wish to create an Invoice for this client?.

You will need to complete the details of this invoice i.e. why are you charging this client and how much:
The first invoice that you produce you will see has editable dropdown options under the Fee type, so you can personalise these to your company and speed the process up next time you repeat this exercise for the next client.

When you have completed all the relevant boxes click into the Splits tab. Just as with your commissions you can record how this invoice will be split. Check that the percentages are correct for this case or amend accordingly:
Click into the Notes tab and select the FSA Activity category and Regulated / Non regulated from the drop down lists.  

Once correct click back into the Invoices tab and then Print options tab and click on Create a printable invoice.

Your invoice is now ready to be posted to your client.

NB: If you find any of your Company information is missing i.e. your logo or who the cheque should be made payable to, then you need to revisit the Set-up of your system and check that in User info you have completed all the necessary boxes when you set up your CCD initially.

It is also worth remembering that if you are using a multiple location set up that the relevant logo’s and details will appear on the invoices. This is also dependant upon the adviser being correctly allocated to the relevant location.

Once you have printed your invoice Return to the previous screen and using your blue history bar along the top of your screen click on Fees:
CCD will retain a record of all invoices sent to your client currently outstanding and you can print a schedule of this from the bottom left of your screen, Print schedule of Invoices currently due for payment.