How do I create a task within a holding?

This article will explain how to create tasks within a holding record. This will allow the task to be viewed alongside all other task and work entries for the client. However, when this particular task is selected it will also navigate you directly to the holding.

Also, creating the tasks within the holding records allows you to identify work completed with reference to a specific holding.

The example task we will use in this article will be 'a request to update a contract valuation'.

Select the relevant holding within the Clients module. Tasks are recorded within the Tasks section of the holding:
New tasks are added by selecting Add task at the top right of the screen. It will initially display the task on the screen:To access further information for the task, click on task arrow.jpg at the far right of the screen to display the full task screen:
Select the Task group and Task from the drop down lists and enter any additional notes. If the task needs to be followed up at a later date it can be added to your CCD diary by using the Further action required and Days or Override date fields. You can also record the follow up work to be actioned by someone else by selecting their reference from the By whom drop down list, the task will then appear in their CCD diary.

Once the task is complete, select Mark task complete at the bottom of the screen. The task will be removed from the diary and the clients outstanding work and stored on the client record for future reference.